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We can help you take your home back from wildlife intrusion.


We start by having a technician out for an inspection to assess, and then come up with an action plan to remove the problem animals, repair any damage, and prevent continued problems.


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What DO we do?

Trapping and Hole Repair


Raccoons and squirrels are common critters that create damage or take advantage of structural openings to access your home. We can trap and remove the target animals, repair any damage they have caused, and close off any entry points. We can also offer solutions to prevent future wildlife from accessing your home.

Attic Remediation


If you have raccoons, bats, or rodents in your attic, your insulation may be damaged. Animals in the attic can leave behind fecal matter, urine, and nesting material. This decreases the effectiveness of insulation and creates a fertile breeding ground for some dangerous fungi and bacteria.


We can remove contaminated and damaged insulation and re-install new clean insulation up to code.

Bat Exclusion

 The process of removing a bat colony from a structure is often referred to as "bat exclusion". This process involves allowing all bats to leave, and preventing them from re-entering. This process must be performed at specific times of year only to prevent harming juvenile bats.


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